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Comic-Con Cosplay Catastrophe

Fans get creative this year at San Diego. Too creative. And yes, that’s really Joss Whedon.


So who would be interested in buying any of the above?
The prices Im planning on right now are(higher prices are dependent on shipping)

Disciple/Meulin Horns: 5-10$

Maka Albarn Jacket: 20-40$

Porrim Dress: 25-45$

Do you think I could sell my Porrim dress for a good price
The only downside is itll only be for those my size or smaller
Because its a difficult dress to get into and out of

Heres the dress for anyone who wants to see it

before I painted it

The finished product.

The adventures of the administrators for the homestuckanime tumblr, everyone!

I always wonder what people with the name
John, Rose,Dave, Jade, Jane, Jake, Dirk, or Roxy
do if they are a homestuck fan.
Do they cosplay the character with their name the most??

Saw some cute homestucks at the mall! One of them was my lovely improv partner from a homestuck panel at metroconlast year.


so what youre fucking telling me is…

Hussie literally took the spotlight off of the main reveal of the treasure was because hes mad at Vriska for saying no to his marriage proposal?


I can strike a pose

it makes my itty bitty titties look fabulous

it shows off a little leg


Doc scratch/ Dave Strider better be called Back to the future or I’ll be mad.

awww, there is this series on youtube called geek love where they have speed dating at cons and this episode is centered around a homestuck and I thought it was really cute.